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Important Occasions when Sending Wine to China is a Must

The many benefits associates with wine consumption have seen an increase in sending wine to China.
The many benefits associates with wine consumption have seen an increase in sending wine to China. More and more Chinese consumers are realizing the numerous health benefits of taking wine as opposed to beer. The good news for the Chinese wine-lovers is that there are many countries that are keen on importing wine to them. These countries include Chile, Italy, Spain and Australia; they are all known for producing high quality wine at affordable prices. Therefore, any Chinese consumer can slowly shift from taking beer without incurring extra costs. There are times when delivering intoxicant to China seems mandatory such as during special dinners. Gone are the days when people had to visit upscale restaurants to take their favorite wines; today, people can keep their best wines at home and enjoy a good drinking moment either alone or with friends. If you have relatives or friends in China, you might just need to send them some good wine during the following occasions according to Dawine:

• During birthday parties: Birthdays are special moments and even though most of us tend to avoid them, we cannot escape the fact that a whole 365 days have elapsed. For other people, a birthday cannot go by without having fun with friends mostly by enjoying beer. However, as people age, the urge to make a birth date memorable grows deeper; they, therefore, choose their favorite wines for the special event or simply pick another good quality vino. When transporting vino to China, for such occasions, it is advisable to choose a bottle from the year the individual was born. If you are not successful, you can go with wines like Bordeaux and Ports which are known for taking long to age. This is obviously a pricey option but worth it.

• During graduations: Just like birthdays, graduations are equally important. Most people prefer popping champagnes during this occasion but that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy a bottle of wine. The secret is to get vino that is worth aging such as high-end Rieslings.

Exporting champagne to China for first dates: People who are still in search for the right person experience a difficult time when choosing the best wine for the special date. Finding the best vino is one of the excellent ways of impressing someone. Therefore, if a friend is having a problem finding good wine in China, why not send them high-quality wine? The only way of ensuring that the vino doesn’t go to waste is by acquiring vino that suits the preferences of the two partners.

• For anniversaries: It doesn’t have to be a wedding anniversary, some people hold anniversaries for the day they established a business, found a good job and so on. Most people prefer pulling out wines from their coolers for such a monumental occasion. That means that they received the bottle earlier and have resisted all temptations to have a sip.


Sending wine to China doesn’t have to be for the mentioned reasons alone; one can still surprise a friend or send one as an appreciation after the closing of an important business deal.

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